Every property is unique, therefore every decontamination is unique to that property, we don't want to overload you with information irrelevant to your circumstance, but hopefully some burning questions you might have are answered below.

  • 1My property has just tested positive for Methamphetamine how much will it cost to fix?
  • 2How long will it take to remediate or decontaminae a property?
  • 3How experienced are you?
  • 4Why can't I clean it myself?
  • 5What areas do you cover?
  • 6I do not want anyone to know my property is contaminated
  • 7My property is only just above MoH Guidelines - do I still need to have it decontaminated?
  • 8Can you do the retesting?
  • 9Do you guarantee your results?
  • 10What if my property fails after remediation?
  • 11Will you be taking my house apart?
  • 12What is the cost?
  • 13I am insured, will my insurance cover the cost?
  • 14Can you recommend a tester?


One price does not fit all, provided you have a comprehensive report we can provide you with an accurate detailed written quote.

We are able to provide a desktop quotation within 3 days of receiving a comprehensive test report, the report ideally will include at least 1 laboratory accredited swab result from each room in your property preferably from different surface types throughout, photographs of the swab site and general property photographs, the more we know about your property the faster we can help you.


You need to allow 10 days for the decontamination process.

We say 10 days, because that would be the maximum amount of time and allows for any contingency needed, realistically an average 3 bedroom home would take 4-5 days to remediate and depending on the weather and building materials maybe a day or two longer to ensure it is completely dry and ready for retesting.


Very we have remediated over 1000 properties. We work extensively in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.


You could try but without the right expertise, equipment and products you may be making the problem worse rather than better.

Our highly trained and experienced Teams are competent and knowledgeable in all asepcts of remediating Meth contaminated properties, they are familiar with all building materials and surface types, from 1 bedroom modern apartments to 4 bedroom character homes, our success rate is second to none. Meth is easily re-distributed and a big focus of remediation is eliminating cross contamination. Our teams are all equipped with modern, advanced, innovative, well serviced equipment, there are no short-cuts when it comes to decontamination.


We work throughout New Zealand with teams based in the North and South Islands. We probably have a team in your area right now.


Our teams are experienced, professional and discrete.

We fully understand your need for discretion. The contamination of the family home is often the hardest on homeowners. We drive modern clean unmarked vehicles, and every one of our staff understands and respects our clients privacy. We don't initiate or enter into discussions with neighbours or visitors other than to say we are contract cleaners. We evaluate our sites and set up accordingly to avoid wearing PPE outside as much as we possibly can.


Yes, if you want to rent or sell it or have been ordered to clean the property by the Council or other Authourity, then you do, it is your choice if you wish to live in a contaminated property.

Whilst we can certainly sympathise with very low contamination, we don't set Guidelines. The MoH Guidelines are currently set at 0.50ug/100cm3 and anything over that is considered unsafe or unhealthy. It is our understanding that 0.50ug/100cm3 and above is considered the highest level for the most susceptible i.e. babies, elders, people with existing medical conditions like cancer, asthma or eczema. So yes, maybe a perfectly healthy family would not be effected at very low levels but others would or could be.


Short answer NO

We strongly believe all testing and remediation should be independent from each other, otherwise it would be like sitting the exam and marking your own test. However, what we can do is touch base with your tester (normally the same company who did the initial testing) and yourself. After we have remediated on your behalf we will liaise with third parties like Property Managers and Loss Adjustor. We will also gather all documentation required from Council to assist in the removal of any cleansing order or similar.


In a single word YES

The quoted price is the most you will pay for remediation, there are no other ongoing costs or hidden extras. There are of course limitations, it's very simple though - we ask that no one (apart from qualified testers) enter the property once decontamination has started until a clearance certificate or similar has been obtained, this includes but is not limited to yourself, family, property managers, prospective tenants, salespeople, loss adjusters, tradies. Should you also choose not to engage in our recommended remediation then we need to revise what we guarantee.


That doesn't happen very often but when it does, we don't make excuses we return and remediate further usually within a week of notification at no additional cost from us.

Regretfully every now and then we don't pass first time. We want our clients to know at the time of choosing our services that we already know this has been an unwanted, stressful, time consuming and expensive experience. At Fresh Living we are aware that the remediation of a property is unfamiliar and unknown for you, what we want you to know is that our cost does not alter. We will continue to remediate your property with no additional cost from us until it receives clearance.



We will remove the contamination without deconstruction. The quote that you are provided with will detail what action will be taken in each room of the property.


Every property is unique, therefore every decontamination is unique.

Until we know the size and extent of the problem we don’t know but there will be no cost unless you accept our quote which will have a fixed price.


Many of our clients are covered.

It is important for you call your insurance company and they will guide you in regards to your policy


All testers are not equal.

We can only say that it is important that price is not your only consideration. You need a qualified tester who provides a comprehensive report with independent laboratory results.