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Frequently Asked Questions About Meth Cleaning

My property has just tested positive for Methamphetamine. How much will it cost to fix?

One price does not fit all, and provided you have a Detailed Assessment Report, with individual room sampling, we can provide you with an accurate detailed written quote within 3 days of receiving a request.

How long will it take to decontaminate a property?

You need to allow 7-10 days for the entire decontamination process. This allows for 4-5 days to remediate depending on the weather and building materials, and a further 3-4 days to ensure the property is completely dry and ready for retesting.

How experienced is Fresh Living?

We have remediated in excess of 2500 properties in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Why can’t I clean it myself?

In June 2017 the NZS8510:2017 “Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties” came into effect. The NZ Standard provides procedures to be used by methamphetamine sampling, testing, decontamination companies; laboratories that analyse samples taken from methamphetamine-contaminated properties; health, safety and environmental regulators; property owners and managers; and insurance agencies. Those who use the Standard will be following procedures that have been developed by experts in their fields.

All properties need to meet those exacting standards and it is important that you seek guidance from the professionals engaged in the industry.

Once a property is identified as contaminated, a Clearance Certificate to confirm the property has been professionally decontaminated is required which is of particular importance when renting or selling a property, and for bank and insurance purposes in the future.

What areas do you cover?

We have mobile Teams located in five major centres throughout New Zealand and cover every urban and rural community within the country.

I do not want anyone knowing my property is contaminated.

Our Teams are experienced, professional and discrete.

We fully understand the need for discretion. Finding out your property is contaminated can be a very emotional experience. We drive modern clean unmarked vehicles, and every one of our Staff understands and respects our clients privacy. We do not initiate or enter into discussions with neighbours or visitors other than to say we are contract cleaners. We evaluate our sites and set up accordingly to avoid wearing PPE outside as much as we can.

My property is only just above the Standard NZS8510:2017 – do I still need to have it decontaminated?

Yes. If you want to rent or sell the property or have been ordered to decontaminate it by the Council or other Authority, then you do. If it is your intention to live in the contaminated property, then that is your choice.

Can you do the retesting?

The short answer is No.

In accordance with the Standard NZS8510:2017, all testing and remediation must be independently carried out. Post decontamination testing must be carried out by a Certified Testing Company

Do you guarantee your results if the property fails after decontamination?

Yes. We unconditionally GUARANTEE that we will remediate your property to below the NZS8510:2017 level of 1.5ug/100cm2 for high-use areas and 3.8ug/100cm2 for low-use areas.

As Methamphetamine is not visible and cannot be detected without laboratory sampling, it sometimes occurs that a first-time clearance is not achieved. In this event, the Team will return to retreat the failed area at no additional cost to the Homeowner except for the retest cost of the failed area only.

The only exception would be if the Homeowner or representative failed to comply with the conditions and provisions outlined in the Quotation & Scope of Work

Will you be extensively stripping out fittings, fixtures and linings of my property?


We will remove the contamination using a product treatment process without deconstruction. The Quote that you will be provided with will detail the proposed the remediation plan and the extent of action to be taken in each room of the property.

Although seldom required, in extraordinary circumstances where property has been damaged or extremely highly contaminated, then some selected removal of linings, fixtures and fittings may be required

What is the cost?

Every property is different with varying issues therefore the decontamination plan has to be developed specific to your property.

Once we know the size and extent of the problem, we will prepare a quote free of charge with a fixed price for the job.

I am insured, will my insurance cover the cost?

Many of our Clients are covered by their insurance policy.
It is important that you call your insurance company at the earliest possible time and they will guide you in regards to your policy

Can you recommend a testing company?

We cannot favour any one testing company, however, we can provide you with a list of qualified and experienced testing personnel.
Prices vary and we would recommend that you did not make this your only consideration as a quality sampler and test report may save you money in the long run.


I want to pass my commendations to the crew that worked on our job, most delighted with their friendly jovial attitude and professionalism, a credit to your business. most grateful too for all the prompt communications and office work as well.

Happy Customer

We only just received the report, the highest was 0.8. and apparently the person who did the sampling both times were very impressed that such high levels had been decontaminated first time with no need for re-work! Many thanks to you and your team.

Happy Customer

Thank you for managing this process through to a successful conclusion. It was great to have your support. I was rather impressed how well the home has been cleaned and minimal damage to the plaster and wallpaper. I’m actually looking forward to doing the painting.

Happy Customer

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